Monday, April 21, 2014





ignore my stupid facial expression of lack of


i am looking into getting synthetic dreads, any suggestion of places/ i should or shouldn’t order. 


Sunday, April 20, 2014

i am going out with a coworker tonight, i am feeling very anxious and uneasy. i have been very upset all day, I spent most of the day throwing up. Soo much stress and uncertainty. Starting tomorrow, or i should say after tonight I will not be posting until i take my CMA, and post about howi  passed wish me luck!!



.o.h sos to my mother

i made a personal blog,I am not sure how i feel about sharing it with others.too much on my mind right now.. it’s been two months since i have gotten my hair cut.and aim getting anxious again, need to do something, need something to control.i feel like i am losing my mind. i can’t get away from this feeling, can’t get away from myself, i feel the need to literally crawl out of my own skin.

"You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering."

//stupid feeling//stupid brain//

All my words are crammed down my throat, forcing me to choke down all the feelings that are expanding at an exponential rate inside of my chest. Sometimes I wish that I could just explode, liberating my particles in one spectacular big bang… but this is a slow tear. The kind where I feel like I can feel every molecule of my being shuddering in slow motion. Everything that has ever mattered to me is being carried away by the ripples… I feel so tired and alone right now… and I don’t understand why. , but I don’t think I’ve ever felt sadder. 

   crying tails              mourn the lack                 of scales             (sharks’ smirks                  gleam            maidens’ glittering               caught between                    teeth)

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